Kayak Tours

 Meyers Beach Sea Caves:   Full Cave 4 1/2 Hr ($98)  |  1/2 Cave 2 Hr ($55)    

(Tandem kayaks only)

*Runs 6/16/17 to 10/8/17*

* 7/1/17 to 9/4/17 children 5-11 years old can ride in the middle hatch of a tandem kayak for a reduced rate***

*Children Must be at least 12 years old and 100 lbs to paddle in a tandem kayak.*

* All Paddlers must be less than 260 lbs and less than 6’6″ to properly fit in the kayaks and gear that we use at Meyers Beach.*

Meyers Beach has the largest caves, the largest cliffs and also tends to have the largest crowds.  This is the section of caves that became famous as the ice caves, they are absolutely breath taking, but it is important to note that other outfitters will be at the caves as well as private paddlers.  It is a 1 mile  paddle from Meyers Beach to the first cave and the first 1/2 mile of caves can be a bit crowded but we still explore all the nooks and cranny’s.  The 1/2 Cave tour explores the first half of the sea caves and then returns.  The full sea cave tour explores all the caves and spends time exploring the sea stacks, tunnel caves and sea arches on the back end of the sea caves, where it is less crowded.


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Roman’s Point Sea Cave Tour: 3 HR  $50 per person (Single and tandem kayaks)


*** Runs 5/22/17 to 10/8/17***

***5/22/17 to 6/30/17 participants must be at least 88 lbs.  7/1/17 to 9/4/17 participants must be at least 35 lbs.  At all times riders must be shorter than 6’6 and less than 285 lbs.***

Roman’s point is a stretch of caves in Siskiwit Bay directly in front of Cornucopia, that lead into Bark Bay.  There are 8 really good caves that you can get your kayak into and in several spots you are able to paddle through tunnel caves.  The tip of Roman’s Point is a beautiful 50 foot tall sandstone arch that frames Bark bay as you paddle through it.

The Roman’s Point tour stays close to shore and allows us to offer single kayaks and tandem kayaks, it’s your choice.  Roman’s point sandtone cliffs are just as tall as Meyers Beach and the caves are nearly as good, but we hardly ever see anyone else at these caves.  We will traverse every nook and cranny and give you all the time you want to explore the caves, take photos and bask in the brilliance of their beauty.


 Shipwreck Tour:  2 Hr ($40)    (Single and Tandem Kayaks)  

(Kid friendly 20-35 lbs allowed)

Kids 4-10 yrs old  50% off for each paddling adult

On the night of 20 September 1901, the 280 foot long wooden steamer Fedora steamed south into the channel between the Wisconsin mainland and Basswood Island, heading for Ashland. The demise was quick and violent. A kerosene lamp blew up in the engine room, igniting oil drums and turning the vessel into a giant floating fire. With the water pumps also located in the engine room, the ship was doomed, the crew in immediate danger. The huge fire lit up the shoreline, giving Capt. Frank Fick his best hope to save his men. Before flames hit the pilothouse, Capt. Fick steered the ramming the vessel onto a sandbar just offshore. As the ship burned down, the crew and captain safely swam to the beach, glad to be alive.   This shipwreck is in very shallow water exposing a bit of the hull’s planking. The chilly water has kept what remains of this vessel remarkably well preserved after over a century. This is our easiest tour and great for kids.

fedora shipwreck



 Sand Island Sea Cave Tour  $108  ( 5 HR)

($98, if you prefer to bring your own lunch)

*Must be at least 12 yrs old and 100 lbs*

*Must be less than 275 lbs and less than 6’6 to properly fit in the gear for this tour.*

*(Single kayaks and Tandem Kayaks Allowed on this tour)*

 These are the best caves we can get you to on a day tour. The tour requires 8 miles of paddling, however once you arrive at these caves there is usually very few people there.  The sandstone on Sand Island is mesmerizing, rich iron banding and smaller granular size makes them appear as an abstract masterpiece.  This billion year old sandstone is truly an awe inspiring natural wonder.  The sea caves on Sand Island are unique because they act like one inter-connected tunnel cave, weaving from one cave to another with the incredible sounds of the caves reverberating off the walls.  We also include beach combing on this tour as there is a beautiful beach and hiking trail right next to the caves at Sand Island.  It is nearly as private as Roman’s Point sea cave but the caves are much better on Sand Island.  We provide lunch on this tour or for $10 less you can bring your own lunch



Meyers Beach Sea Caves Real Time Waves

This graph shows you the recorded waves at Meyers Beach for the past 10 days and is updated hourly. To see the hourly recorded wave height for today go to the website and click on “real time waves”

Lake Superior Real Time Waves

This map shows the current size of the waves on Lake Superior in real time.

Lake Superior 6 day wave forecast.

YOU MUST HIT START TO BEGIN THE ANIMATION WHICH IS THE FORECAST. This map begins with a forecast that is 1.5 hours out. It does not show current conditions, it is a forecast.

Intellicast – Current Radar in the Apostle Islands

The Current Radar map shows areas of current precipitation. A weather radar is used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion, estimate its type (rain, snow, hail, etc.), and forecast its future position and intensity. Modern weather radars are mostly doppler radars, capable of detecting the motion of rain droplets in addition to intensity of the precipitation.

Extended Weather Forecast With Barometric Pressure (54827)

Cornucopia, Wisconsin weather conditions and forecast (54827). Today’s Cornucopia, Wisconsin weather report: current observations, hourly forecast, 10-day forecast calendar and chart.

Apostle Islands Marine Forecast

Great Lakes nearshore marine forecasts are issued throughout the boating season, typically beginning around April 1 and ending around December 31, dependent on ice conditions on the entrances to each individual lake.

Apostle Islands Surface Water Temperature

If you are next to shore you can expect the water temp to be 5 degrees warmer than you see on the map.

Wind (mph)- Herbster, Wi 10 miles South of Meyers Beach

Wind, waves & weather forecast Herbster/Lake Superior / Wisconsin, United States for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing

Wind (mph) -Devils Island, Apostle Islands 20 miles North of Meyers Beach

Wind, waves & weather forecast Devils Island / Wisconsin, United States for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing

Wind (mph)- Oak Island, Apostle Islands. 8 miles North of Bayfield, Wi

Wind, waves & weather forecast Oak Isl./Apostle Islands / Wisconsin, United States for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing

Wind (mph) -La Pointe, Wi /Madeline Island.

Wind, waves & weather forecast La Pointe/Madeline Isl. / Wisconsin, United States for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing

Intellicast – Bayfield Historic Weather Averages in Wisconsin (54814)

Bayfield, Wisconsin historic weather averages and records (54814). Bayfield, Wisconsin Climate report for average, high and low temperature, precipitation and snow. Monthly and Daily weather averages and records for Bayfield, Wisconsin

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