Devil’s Island Sea Caves— (16 Caves) ($188)

Devil’s Island Sea Caves:  $108  (6-8 Hour)

Devil's Island 12 Noon

When surf on the lake is heavy, the waves thunder and boom in Devil’s island extensive sea caves. The rumbling can be heard even well away from the shoreline. Local residents claim that the Ojibwe (Chippewa) interpreted this noise as the sound of evil spirits.  Regardless of how the name was earned the caves are the best in the Apostle Islands.  They are quite hard to get to and are exposed to the open lake, so cancellations happen about 30% of the time.  We use a motor boat to get you out to Devil’s Island and when the conditions are appropriate we allow you to explore the intricate wormholes and massive caverns of Devil’s Island by kayak.  Conditions can change rapidly on Lake Superior and it is a good idea to have a back up destination you would like to go to because this tour has the greatest caves but also the greatest chance of being cancelled.