Kayak Rental

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Tandem sea kayak: $55 / Day (June 15th-September 15th)
     Single sea kayak:  $40 / Day (June 15th-September 15th)
Tandem sit on top, $45 / Day (July 15th-Labor Day)
Single sit on top: $35 (July 15th-Labor Day)

* Beginner paddlers are encouraged to use Basswood, Oak, Stockton, Madeline, Long and Hermit Island.  These islands are protected and offer a safer paddling experience.  Paddlers with experience can utilize Sand, York, Raspberry, Bear, Otter, Rocky, Ironwood and Manitou Island.  These islands are more exposed and require that you can paddle in 3 foot waves.  We only allow expert paddlers to plan rental inteneraries that travel to Devil’s, South Twin, Cat, Outer and Michigan Island.  North Twin and Eagle Island are off limits due to NPS restrictions.

*Sea Caves can be found at the following locations and are listed from most impressive to least; Devil’s Island, Sand Island, Meyers Beach, Romans Point, Stockton Island, Outer Island, Ironwood Island, Cat Island, Bear Island,  Madeline Island, Houghton Point and Red Cliff (1 cave at Red Cliff).  You can expect crowds at Meyers Beach. The other sea cave locations you will have mostly to yourself.  You will need waves of 1.5 foot or less to enter the sea caves.

*We suggest a maximum of 10 miles of paddling per day for sea kayaks and a maximum of 6 miles per day for sit on top kayaks.


Click on the distance calculator below to calculate distances between destinations in the Apostle Islands

Distance Calculator

Google Maps Distance Calculator can find the distance between two or more points on a map


Delivery Rates
* Fee is based on location only and not how many items you have delivered.

Bayfield — $25
Cornucopia- $50
Red Cliff- $25
Madeline Island $50
Sand Bay- $50
Meyers Beach – $50

* all multi-day sea kayak rentals are required to bring their own or rent from us a handheld waterproof VHF radio (1 per group).

 We reserve the right to deny a rental if you are unable to pass the safety test for sea kayak rentals.*

10% discount for groups of 8 or more

Sit On-Top Kayak Rentals

* can accommodate riders up to 300 lbs

* Sit on Top Kayak Rental.  Free safety course provided.

Sea Kayak Rentals

* can accommodate riders up to 250 lbs

 You must be able to do a T-rescue, wet exit &re-entry to be able to rent sea kayaks for island crossings.(illustrated in the 3 videos at the bottom of this page) If you do not know how to do these sea kayak skills we have a safety course available for $25.  We are quite strict about our guidelines for renting sea kayaks for island crossings.  If you plan on taking the sea kayak safety course, you must still pass the skills in the safety test to be able to rent a sea kayak for island crossings.

Includes — boat, paddle, life jacket, spray skirt, paddle float & pump.
*You must bring your own fully charged cell phone.  Verizon has the best service.  If you are traveling to the exterior Islands a VHF radio or ham radio is highly encouraged.

Additional Items for Rent

  • Safety Course — $25/person
  • Wet Suit — $5/day, $20/maximum per person
  • Roof Racks & Straps — $5/day
  • Dry Bag — $3/day, $20/maximum
  • VHF Radio — $8/day, $50/maximum
  • 2.5 watt VHF radio- $12 / day
  • Extra Paddle — $5/day, $20/maximum
  • Spot GPS EPRB— $15/ day  $50/ maximum


* If you are planning an overnight rental you can only launch at Cornucopia, Little Sand Bay, Bayfield or Legendary Waters Casino (Casino costs money to park and launch), as these are the only places to park a car overnight.* Sea Kayak Training for overnight rentals takes place at the location of the delivery.


Safety Test:  Must be able to execute wet exit and T-rescue


(715)-408-2244 | Call or Text

*We reserve the right accommodate each rental as we see fit


Meyers Beach Sea Caves Real Time Waves

This graph shows you the recorded waves at Meyers Beach for the past 10 days and is updated hourly. To see the hourly recorded wave height for today go to the website and click on “real time waves”

Lake Superior Real Time Waves

This map shows the current size of the waves on Lake Superior in real time.


Lake Superior 6 day wave forecast.

YOU MUST HIT START TO BEGIN THE ANIMATION WHICH IS THE FORECAST. This map begins with a forecast that is 1.5 hours out. It does not show current conditions, it is a forecast.

Intellicast – Current Radar in the Apostle Islands

The Current Radar map shows areas of current precipitation. A weather radar is used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion, estimate its type (rain, snow, hail, etc.), and forecast its future position and intensity. Modern weather radars are mostly doppler radars, capable of detecting the motion of rain droplets in addition to intensity of the precipitation.

Extended Weather Forecast With Barometric Pressure (54827)

Cornucopia, Wisconsin weather conditions and forecast (54827). Today’s Cornucopia, Wisconsin weather report: current observations, hourly forecast, 10-day forecast calendar and chart.

Apostle Islands Marine Forecast

Great Lakes nearshore marine forecasts are issued throughout the boating season, typically beginning around April 1 and ending around December 31, dependent on ice conditions on the entrances to each individual lake.

Apostle Islands Surface Water Temperature

If you are next to shore you can expect the water temp to be 5 degrees warmer than you see on the map.


Wind (mph)- Herbster, Wi 10 miles South of Meyers Beach

Wind, waves & weather forecast Herbster/Lake Superior / Wisconsin, United States for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing

Wind (mph) -Devils Island, Apostle Islands 20 miles North of Meyers Beach

Wind, waves & weather forecast Devils Island / Wisconsin, United States for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing

Wind (mph)- Oak Island, Apostle Islands. 8 miles North of Bayfield, Wi

Wind, waves & weather forecast Oak Isl./Apostle Islands / Wisconsin, United States for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing

Wind (mph) -La Pointe, Wi /Madeline Island.

Wind, waves & weather forecast La Pointe/Madeline Isl. / Wisconsin, United States for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing

Intellicast – Bayfield Historic Weather Averages in Wisconsin (54814)

Bayfield, Wisconsin historic weather averages and records (54814). Bayfield, Wisconsin Climate report for average, high and low temperature, precipitation and snow. Monthly and Daily weather averages and records for Bayfield, Wisconsin