Sea Cave Kayak Tours

-Devil’s Island Sea Caves:  $108  (6-8 Hour)

Devil's Island 12 Noon

When surf on the lake is heavy, the waves thunder and boom in Devil’s island extensive sea caves. The rumbling can be heard even well away from the shoreline. Local residents claim that the Ojibwe (Chippewa) interpreted this noise as the sound of evil spirits.  Regardless of how the name was earned the caves are the best in the Apostle Islands.  They are quite hard to get to and are exposed to the open lake, so cancellations happen about 30% of the time.  We use a motor boat to get you out to Devil’s Island and when the conditions are appropriate we allow you to explore the intricate wormholes and massive caverns of Devil’s Island by kayak.  Conditions can change rapidly on Lake Superior and it is a good idea to have a back up destination you would like to go to because this tour has the greatest caves but also the greatest chance of being cancelled.


 -Meyers Beach Sea Caves

– 1/2 Cave 2 Hr ($55) (Beginner/ Intermediate)  (4 miles)
–  Full Cave 4 Hr ($98) (Intermediate) (8 Miles)

Meyers Half Tour 10AMMeyers Half Tour 2PM
Meyers Full Tour 11AMMeyers Full Tour 4 PM

 (Tandem and Triple Kayaks Only)

*Runs 5/25/18 to 10/8/18* 

* 7/1/18 to 9/4/18 children 5-11 years old can ride in triple kayak*

*Children Must be at least 100 lbs to paddle in a tandem kayak.*

*Must be less than 265 lbs and less than 6’6 with hip width less than 20″ to properly fit in the gear for this tour.*

Meyers Beach has some of the best and biggest caves in all the Apostle Islands.  This is the section of caves that became famous as the ice caves, they are absolutely breath taking.  It is a 1 mile  paddle from Meyers Beach to the first cave where we begin to explore all the nooks and cranny’s.  

-The 2 Hour tour explores the first half of the sea caves and then returns.  

-The full sea cave tour explores all the caves and spends time exploring the sea stacks, tunnel caves and sea arches on the back end of the sea caves, where it is less crowded.

– Sand Island Sea Cave Tour  $108 ( 5 HR)  (Intermediate/advanced)  (8 miles)


(Runs July 1 to September 4)

*Must be at least 12 yrs old and 100 lbs*

*Must be less than 250 lbs and less than 6’5 with hip width less than 20″ to properly fit in the gear for this tour.*

*(Tandem and Triple Kayaks Only)*

 These are the best caves, on an island, that we can we can paddle to in a day. The tour requires 8 miles of paddling, however once you arrive at these caves there is usually very few people there.  The sandstone on Sand Island is mesmerizing, rich iron banding and smaller granular size makes them appear as an abstract masterpiece.  This billion year old sandstone is truly an awe inspiring natural wonder.  The sea caves on Sand Island are unique because they act like one inter-connected tunnel cave, weaving from one cave to another with the incredible sounds of the caves reverberating off the walls.  We also include beach combing on this tour as there is a beautiful beach and hiking trail right next to the caves at Sand Island.  Please, pack a lunch for this tour.


Madeline Island Sea Caves:  $65 (4 Caves)  (3 Hour) (Beginner)

Madeline Island 12 Noon

Originally called Mooniingwanekaaning (“The island Abundant with Yellow-shafted Norther Flicker”), the island was inhabited for hundreds of years by the La Pointe Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, an Ojibwa band of the Lake Superior Chippewa.  The Caves on Madeline Island are located at Big Bay State Park.  The 4 sea caves that are on this tour are all quite intricate and breathtaking.  This tour is one of the easiest tours we have because it stays close to shore in shallow water for the whole tour.  When the water is 60 degrees or warmer this tour even has access to an underwater cave.


Houghton Falls Sea Caves  (2 caves)  (4 Hour)  $65

Houghton Falls 12 Noon

Houghtong Falls is a land and water tour.  The sandstone features on the water are mainly mermaid rocks which are large sandstone chunks that are mainly beneath the water but come up above the surface enough for you to get out and sit on them, like a mermaid.  There are 2 small caves on this tour but the true highlight are the waterfalls on land.  The Bed of the creek at Houghton Falls is all sandstone.  It’s an amazing reality to walk through the bed of an ancient sandstone river, it’s like walking through sea caves, but no kayak necessary.


 Red Cliff Cave Tour: (1 Cave)  3 Hr ($55 per person)  (Tandem Kayaks)

(3 Miles) (Beginner) 

Red Cliff Tour 2P.M. $55Red Cliff Tour 10AM $55

(Tandem and Triple Kayaks Only)

 Must be greater than 25lbs less than 300 lbs and less than 7′ with hip width less than 30″ to properly fit in the gear for this tour.*

Kids 3-12 yrs old  50% off each for each 2 adults

The Red Cliff Sea Cave is the least impressive cave in the Apostle Islands but are also the most protected.  This tour departs from the beach at Legendary Waters Resort & Marina.  The caves North of Red Cliff are in the Chequamegon layer and are the feature for which the the red cliff  band of Ojibwe received their namesake, the mesmerizing red sandstone that towers so majestically along their shoreline.  There is one cave that you can get kayaks into and there are some very well preserved shipwrecks in shallow water along the way.  The shipwrweck Fedora is in such shallow water you can reach out and touch it from your kayak.  This paddle also has some very tall sandstone cliffs and one beautiful sea arch.

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